PC ‘how to’

Having an agenda (which is just a list of things to talk about and do at a meeting) will help you run your PC. Across to the right we have a sample agenda for you to start with – as a Word doc or a pdf.

Not all the items on the sample will be relevant for every meeting, so work out beforehand what you want to cover / get out of the meeting – then finalise the agenda.

Make sure the finalised agenda is sent to everyone on the PC at least a week before the meeting, so they have time to get together everything they need to bring or organise.

What’s on the agenda also gives you an idea of how long to allow for the PC – 30 minutes before a pack night / 1½ hours including dinner at McDonalds or going bowling etc.

See our PC ‘WHERE’ page for location ideas.

Work out who will be:

  • Chairperson (Cub Scout responsible for running the PC using the agenda) and;
  • Secretary (Cub Scout who writes the notes for the meeting).
  • Cub Scout Leader might like to take some notes too.

The notes can be written into a note book then the leader can copy them and email them to everybody.

Gather info and resources together – see the PC ‘STUFF’ page for lists and suggestions.

Then run through the things on the agenda, and you’ll have a great PC and a fantastic program.


  • make sure everyone gets a chance to have their say
  • allow a bit of chat, but keep the discussions on track according to the agenda
  • before you move on to the next item  –
    • Has there been a decision made on an activity?
    • If Yes  – who is going to organise it and when is it going to happen?
  • make sure that the Secretary  has had a chance to make notes before moving on.
  • at the end, set the details for the next PC and thank everyone for coming.