PC4 2018 Closed, PC4 2019 Soon to Launch

Well done to all who took up the PC4 2018 challenge!

Fifty nine (59) Packs successfully achieved PC4 in 2018. It is great to read about the fresh program ideas that our Cub Scouts are coming up with – thanks for sharing.

We are pleased to advise that PC4 2019 will kick-off soon. Whether you joined in with 2018 or not, we hope you will take part in PC4 2019.

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Photo Competition Winner Announced

Congratulations to 3rd Sunbury!

The winning picture shows the 3rd Sunbury Pack Council meeting being held around the blazing campfire light.

What a great environment for a meeting, well done!

Thanks to all of the Pack Councils who submitted their photos, we really appreciate you getting involved.

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Photo Competition Closing Date

The PC4 Photo Competition will close on Friday 14th December, 2018.

Thanks to those Pack Councils who have submitted their great photos!

The State Cub Scout Council will be reviewing all of the photos on Sunday 16th of December to select a winner.

The winner will be notified in December and the prize will be sent in the new year.

Well done to all who have joined in, there have been some interesting Pack Council locations.

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